What is a Garden Greenhouse?

It’s 2022 and you still don’t have a gardening greenhouse of your own? If you are a newbie and want to buy or build a garden greenhouse for yourself now, don’t hesitate to read this article now.

Greenhouses serve as a shield between nature and what you are growing and thus allow growing seasons to be extended as well as possibly improved. The hobby greenhouse usually refers to a house with an open or semi-open structure that provides shade and shelter for flowers or plants. You can freely sprinkle water and fertilize it in real-time according to the weather and climate. For most home gardeners, a garden greenhouse has a positive effect by creating a place to keep heat. This structure impedes the flow of thermal energy, and the sunlight that passes through the transparent “walls” of the greenhouse heats up the ground in the greenhouse which radiates warmth and heats the air.

What is a garden greenhouse?

Horticultural greenhouses are smaller greenhouses compared to agricultural greenhouses and are generally made of polycarbonate hollow panels of 4mm to 10mm thickness, solid polycarbonate panels, and glass as a surface covering material, with aluminum and wood of 1mm to 3mm thickness as the frame of the horticultural greenhouse. The conventional style of garden greenhouse is about 5 square meters to 20 square meters footprint and its overall height is about 2.1-2.5 meters. It also is named “hobby greenhouse“.

To prevent your plant from spending the winter and rainy days outside, the garden greenhouse will give your plant friends the peace of mind that they can grow in any environment at any time. One of the benefits of using a greenhouse is to provide a protected place for seedlings and other delicate plants to extend their growing season. Provide protection for your plants and keep pests at bay.

There are many different styles about garden greenhouses and we will let you find the house of your dreams according to your different needs.

By first customizing the house according to your geographical conditions and size, you can have the environment of your dreams in your gardening garden. By purchasing a horticultural greenhouse, you can get the house with the features you want at a very favorable price. It not only shields individuals from the stress of city life but also embodies all the magnificence of the natural environment. You can also customize your house and place any plant or gardening installation in your garden greenhouse through UNQ.

How many styles of garden greenhouses are available?

There are several types of garden greenhouses, including spire, dome, tunnel and shaped models. These styles are suitable for growing different plants and for different regions. The spire is the most conventional model, suitable for most areas and can be equipped with aluminum or iron bases for areas with severe weather to increase the weight of the greenhouse and prevent damage to the greenhouse from severe wind. The dome and tunnel models of horticultural greenhouses can be extended indefinitely because of their shape, thus meeting the needs of different customers for the size of their greenhouses. Last but not least is the shaped model, which is mostly used for public displays and for those who have large plants to grow.

By explaining these types of garden greenhouses, what kind of greenhouse do you think you need? Follow UNQ, and I will continue to share knowledge about addable equipment for flower houses in the next issue.



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