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What is a diffused PC board

by:UNQ     2021-03-18

   Light diffusion PC sheets is obtained by uniformly dispersing the light diffusion agent in the PC sheets. It has excellent light diffusion, light transmittance and good UV stability. It is widely used in the LED industry.

The background of    light diffusion plate: In the process of LED lighting being gradually accepted by the market, the problem of lampshade has been plagued by lamp manufacturers. It is necessary to have a high light transmittance as a prerequisite, but also to have a considerable light diffusion rate and good light source concealment. At first, glass was used to produce lampshades. The problem with glass was that it was fragile, and the light diffusion effect was not very good. It was difficult to meet the lighting requirements and then use it. Later, it gradually developed to use resin instead of glass. If only transparent resin is used for the lampshade, although the light transmittance is very high, it can basically reach more than 90%, but the light scattering effect is not ideal and the light source concealment performance is poor. The whiteboard resin has too low light transmittance, which seriously affects the lighting of the LED lamp.

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