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What field is PC sunshine board actually used in?

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
What field does PC solar panel actually use? After many years of independent innovation and development trends, the use of PC solar panel has already been applied to every field and field at this stage. Larger usage is in the field of engineering construction, such as agriculture and animal husbandry vegetable greenhouses, plant flat roof lighting, intelligent ecological restaurants, interior decoration partitions, road noise barriers, PC sun panel awnings, PC sun panel parking sheds, etc. The field of application is still gradually improving, and the types of sunshine board products are becoming more and more colorful. Generally, there are two-layer PC sheets, three-layer sunshine board, four-layer sunshine board, honeycomb-shaped sunshine board and so on. PC PC is a comprehensive and good-quality engineering project plastic board currently on the market at this stage. Different types of solar panels are used in different fields. For example, the four-layer sunshine board is common in the partition area of u200bu200bthe room decoration. Everyone knows that PC solar panels are lighter in weight, and have sound insulation and noise reduction. The more layers of solar panels, the higher the actual effect of sound insulation and noise reduction. The impact resistance of the sun panel is very good, there is no risk of cracking, and the application is safer. Sunshine panels can also be applied to the curtain walls of large and medium-sized engineering buildings, airline shipping containers, motorcycle windshields, various designs and decorations, exhibition and exhibition hall layouts, outdoor sports venues, airport/bus station lighting roofs Wait. The PC sunshine board can be cold drawn, and it can be rolled into an arc shape and round arch design without secondary production processing, which is more convenient for transportation, storage, and engineering construction and installation.
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