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What do you need to pay attention to in different environmental applications of PC sunshine board

by:UNQ     2021-04-06
Since the birth of PC solar panels, the main application areas in the early days have been building lighting such as agricultural greenhouses, ecological restaurants, stadiums, workshops, canopies and so on. With the diversification of solar panels, including color, thickness, structure, etc., its light transmittance will also change, even like rain sheds, carports, etc., in order to shield a certain amount of light, PC sunlight with color or even opacity is used. The board is mainly used in some applications with shading properties such as rain sheds, car sheds, and ceilings. Later, some manufacturers added shining elements to the surface or inside of the yangguan board to make the appearance look more beautiful, which was used for decoration, sun-shading and rain-shielding applications (for export use). Of course, there are some more diversified applications, we will not analyze it for the time being, we will mainly analyze the issues that need attention in some mainstream applications of PC sun panels.

Sun panels may not be the best covering material in daylighting applications (such as PC endurance board curtain walls, glass curtain walls, etc.), but it is indeed the most suitable daylighting material in certain areas. Mainly divided into: 1. Agricultural greenhouses, ecological restaurants, architectural lighting and other lighting applications for the purpose of daylighting and heat preservation. Here we need to pay attention to the following parameters of PC solar panels: light transmittance (the thinner the structure, the simpler the light transmittance High), thermal insulation performance (the thicker the structure, the more complex the thermal insulation performance is), impact resistance (the thicker the structure is, the more complex the impact resistance is, the better), and the anti-ultraviolet and aging resistance (the thicker the UV coating is, the better the solar panel is Maintain high light transmittance for years), anti-fogging characteristics (effect and time of anti-fogging coating).

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