What Are the Types of Functional Polycarbonate Sheets?

Solid polycarbonate sheets are the most important construction roof. It features high impact resistance, light transmission, and lightweight UV protection. However, we need special functional polycarbonate for certain applications, for example, anti-condensation polycarbonate used for greenhouse cover. These functional polycarbonate sheets are added special material to achieve their goals. The article helps you to learn more about the functional solid polycarbonate sheets. Follow us!

Flame Resistance Polycarbonate sheets

Fireproof polycarbonate sheets are added flame retardants into polycarbonate raw material in the process of production. It is designed to meet International Building Code (IBC) Class A flammability requirements for interior wall and ceiling applications. Flame resistance polycarbonate sheets comply with the UL 94 Flammability rated polycarbonate. Burning much faster and stopping after 10 seconds while also not allowing any flaming drips of material. This kind of special polycarbonate is used for industrial warehouse roof, stadium roof, and government construction roof requiring high fireproof classes. And UNQ flame resistance no chlorine or bromine. It is virtually unbreakable with extremely high impact resistance, high clarity, and lightweight. The fire resistance polycarbonate sheets come in different sizes and colors. Clear, opal, bronze, lake-blue and grass.

Product NameFire ClassFire ClassFire ClassThicknessWidthLength

Flame Resistance polycarbonate sheets
V0, V1UL941mm-20mm1.22-2.1mMaximum 50m

Flame Resistance polycarbonate sheets
B1, A ClassEN13501-11mm-20mm1.22-2.1mMaximum 50m

Anti-Scratch Polycarbonate Sheets

Anti-scratch polycarbonate is a hard-coated polycarbonate offering protection from physical damage. It’s ideal for french gates, and windows, screen protection, and replacing the glass surface where you need to maintain visibility. It features abrasion resistance, easy to clean, clear transmission, and good weather ability. UNQ provides scratch resistance with a wide range in thickness from 1mm to 20mm. Free to cut to sizes. UNQ is a leading supplier of hard coating services with different surface hardness for example 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, and 6H. Choose different surface hardness for your projects.

Anti-scratch polycarbonate sheets are harder and have a much higher impact strength to maintain clarity. It is lightweight and only half-weight of glass which is a perfect glass replacement in applications where protection is required without sacrificing clarity of vision, such as industrial vehicles, protective barriers in laboratories and industrial plants, and similar.

Anti-condensation Polycarbonate Sheets

Anti-condensation polycarbonate sheets also named anti-fog coating is a coating that is applied to the inside of certain polycarbonate sheets. The inner layer is coated with condensate. The thickness is from 4mm-20mm with various colors. Under certain weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures and humidity, condensation may form on the inside of the polycarbonate sheets. The anti condensate coating greenhouse will cause this moisture to sheet off rather than form droplets to fall onto your plants. If drops of water are falling on your plants it can negatively affect their health. Anti-fog polycarbonate help droplets evenly distributed on the surface and flow in the direction of pouring water. It also achieves the effect of enhancing light transmittance, ensuring sufficient sunlight panels.

If you are growing commercially and looking for higher production you want the healthiest plant possible. Also if you are growing plants that you are showing, you don’t want water spots on the leaves or flowers. Anti-fog twin-wall polycarbonate greenhouse helps you achieve this effect. This is a nice feature for any grower even the backyard hobby grower.

Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Sheets

The advantage of the light diffuser is that it increases the light diffusivity and haze of the product on the premise of ensuring high light transmittance. A residual image is formed on the screen to make the screen more realistic and achieve a crystal clear visual effect.The light transmittance of PC light diffusion board can reach more than 80%, while the light transmittance of ordinary opal white PC board is only 20%. Therefore, it is widely used in the advertising light box industry. Ordinary milky white PC penals can only be penetrated by light, but can not achieve uniform astigmatism, while light diffusion PC board can fully diffuse the LED light source. Polycarbonate light diffuser is an efficient and excellent light diffuser material, the thickness are from 1mm to 12mm. It is also named as “LED light diffuser” and “polycarbonate diffuser“.

Diffuser plates are suitable for side-light LED lighting fixtures, such as flat panel lights, advertising light boxes, and professional viewing lights, and are usually used in conjunction with light guide plates.

PC light diffuser Panes VS PMMA Panels (based on 2mm solid panels)

PC light diffuser polycarbonatePMMA light diffuser polycarbonate
Light transmission80%82%
Bending strength>=100Mpa<=70Mpa
Flame ResistanceUL94- V0/V1Easy to fire

Where to get functional polycarbonate sheets?

UNQ polycarbonate sheet manufacturer is a professional supplier offering different kinds of polycarbonate in various sizes and colors. 100% Lexan raw material and cut to size. We now have distributors in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the various countries in Southeast Asia. UNQ is willing to join hands with you to move towards a broader and better tomorrow. Contact us to get free samples.



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