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What are the sunshine plate sealing method

by:UNQ     2020-09-29
214 seal is one of the important link of the polycarbonate sheet construction, if this step owe good, late is likely to trigger a polycarbonate roofing sheets leakage problem, and also can form its deformation. So sunshine plate seal generally popular with attention, commonly used sealing method of the original rubber and waterproof adhesive tape method, different seals the corresponding construction process is also have difference. If with sealing rubber strip light plate, the edge of the opposite in aluminum plate layering grooves in the sunshine, is usually a layering with two rubber strip. Then put on strip aluminum layering on two pieces of plate joint local sunshine, but should pay attention to two pieces of the sunshine board to reserve must gap between space for plate heat bilges cold shrink supply. Then the drlling on bead wire were fixed well, in order to strengthen the sealing, also need to play again in layering on both sides on neutral silicone rubber. But if choose waterproof tape sealing, less cluttered, just uncover waterproof tape outer maintaining paper, paste it directly in the polycarbonate roofing sheets joint, pressure on layering and diamond wire fixed to the end. More straight line is the power of the latter is higher, but in terms of sealing function, also need to know only after the experiment.
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