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What are the sunshine board of transportation and storage requirements

by:UNQ     2020-10-01
57 sunshine plate and endurance in the process of using high pervious to light, the intensity is good, outdoor weather resistance function, installation convenience, light weight, such as strength, outstanding in construction, agriculture, indoor partition, canopy, carport and other professional use. transport and storage requirements of the sunshine board when making use of demand in accordance with the guidance of method to correct homework, when making use of to prevent scratches or damage to the edge of the plate, shipping time will need careful when operating light put, pay attention to adhere to the car clean, in order to prevent the plate marginal and protective film of scratch and damage of fold, using set four angles such as paper or cloth wrapped. When transporting, sheet paper pad should be put under the skin to prevent scratch board face. Sunlight plate plate are covered up and down a protective film, in the transfer sheet and the device should be UV protective layer side of xiangyang. Before no device use, do not remove the protective film, to prevent scratches, scratch plate appearance. Need to set indoor sunshine board inventory check, shady and cool place, prevent long time check in the direct sun and the sun will probably rain, indoor should adhere to the dry and ventilated, clean and dust-free. Sealing side of plank to register the accumulation of, in case of dust fall into plank interior and moisture in the air in sheet form water vapor condensation, also want to pay attention to can't touch to touch, and cement the ground sheet to prevent corrosion. And other normal temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃ sunshine board - storage conditions Vertical storage vertical storage should make the PC sheets against each other and insist on 10 degrees slope Angle. A pile of the total thickness of the plate should be less than 30 cm. Storage condition 2 - Flat type storage: if, perhaps, the same scale as far as possible the PC board, placed in 30 cm high from the ground, do not touch the ground. If demand of PC board with different scale, the larger scale sheet piling up in the following. If can, should be installed in the PC board of engineering, processing, inspection operations, then remove the protective film. Vertical storage advertent items: sunshine board chooses the protective film, the local store in direct sunlight beyond 3 months, plate appearance protective film will not easy to remove, need special attention. PC polycarbonate sheet and endurance board under the environment of temperature above 60 ℃ storage time is too long, plate protective film will not easy to peel, need special attention. Excellent function of PC board is clear: the pervious to light function. Depending on the thickness of the color of the different light transmittance can reach 18% ~ 82%; Outstanding impact resistant function, can withstand the damage of the hail, machinery and other external forces, together, tangyan plate by external shocks, will not happen to pieces, only occurred plastic deformation and cracking; With remarkable mechanical function, and in - 40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ temperature scale can adhere to this feature, even long time exposure to the temperature scale, PC board can also stick to the load ability and stability; PC board selects the UV - PC three-layer coextrusion method to produce, uniform appearance with high concentration of uv absorber, not present aging sheet can ensure use ten years, from self-extinguishing fire, and burn will not occur in the process of poisonous gas; Qualitative easy device;
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