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What are the striking features in plate?

by:UNQ     2020-11-18
1651 endurance frames is not strange to most people, and the mining plate? In fact, it is also one of endurance plate, therefore also has the endurance plate some obvious features, but small make up or want to explain in detail, in order to better master and use. It is called a plate, it has good light penetration, that is the case, the light transmittance between 25 to 85% of plate is adopted, and a special process technology makes the incident light is very soft, reasonable use can create a comfortable working environment. As non-uniform material composite material, when the light through the mining plate will produce scattering, make indoor light even, no light, no glare. Due to the high quality raw materials with the best technology, the products look clean, light transmittance meet the national standard requirements. In addition, the board also has the very good thermal stability, compared with PVC, PC, more close to the steel, reduce the stress of the cold heat change connection parts caused by leakage happens, and weather resistance and flame retardant, help slow material degradation and discoloration.
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