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What are the scope of use of pc board

by:UNQ     2021-03-25

   What are the application areas of processing? The use of :

  1, train lighting

  According to past experience, acrylic or glass generally used on trains can easily be destroyed. In order to change the situation of train lighting and safety, designers began to look for alternative materials. On the one hand, they hope that passengers will protect public facilities and on the other hand, they are ready to upgrade train safety.

   Now in order to improve the clarity, durability, and safety of lighting lampshades, many manufacturers have turned to train lampshade materials that are superior in terms of fire resistance, impact resistance, transparency, and plasticity. pc endurance board body. Not only has the safety of the train

   been improved, but the energy-saving of the entire train has also been optimized. PC endurance board lampshades are generally placed in places with heavy traffic, because these places are basically safety first. The impact resistance of PC endurance board is the most plastic; its characteristics are beautiful, easy to install and unload, easy to use, not easy to be damaged, easy to manage, and do not need frequent maintenance and replacement.

   Therefore, almost all of them now use PC boards that are safer and more resistant to blows as lampshades. The light box made of pc endurance board is not only stable, but also has good permeability and beautiful appearance. Even after a strong impact, the endurance board used on the train will not shatter and hurt passengers.

  2, the application of PC polycarbonate sheet in agriculture  

As a new material for the fourth-generation greenhouse, PC endurance board has basically improved the situation of greenhouses. PC polycarbonate sheet has the following main characteristics: light weight, its weight is one-fifteenth of the same thin and thick glass; super strong, impact resistance is 16 times that of glass; energy saving, 40% energy saving than glass-covered greenhouses Top; lasting, the light transmittance of the solar panel will not shrink by more than 7% after 10 years of use; weather resistant, it will not be deformed between -41℃~120℃; high light transmittance, the light leakage rate of the colorless solar panel It can reach 88%, which is comparable to glass; it can be cold-bent, and can be cold-bent or hot-bent as required.

   At present, my country’s greenhouses are mainly built with glass and double-layer membranes. Adopting these materials to build has high energy consumption and poor resistance to natural disasters. In the event of severe weather such as hail and heavy snow, not only the greenhouse itself will be severely destroyed, but also the crops grown in the greenhouse cannot be effectively protected. Moreover, the used film cannot be recycled, which will cause a lot of white pollution.

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