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What are the representative products of flame-retardant PC board processing?

by:UNQ     2021-04-01
What are the representative products of flame-retardant PC board processing? Flame-retardant PC board/sheet: This series of products have good surface gloss, good heat resistance, self-extinguishing, excellent impact performance, small expansion coefficient, stable size, excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance, and good fatigue strength , In line with the EU ROHS directive and strict UL safety regulations, UL94 fire rating reaches VTM-0, there are various surface textures for customers to choose. The UL94-V0PC sheets provided by Shanghai Jieslong Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is widely used in mechanical equipment, electronic components, electrical enclosures, switch panels, junction boxes and charger enclosures, automotive instrumentation, and panel printing with flame-retardant requirements.

What are the representative products of flame-retardant PC board processing? Antistatic grade flame-retardant PC sheets/sheet: UL94 fireproof grade reaches V-0. The film has good formability, excellent mechanical properties, good dimensional stability at high temperature and high flame retardant grade, suitable for power supply , Disk drive, bus bar, TV/monitor, PC board and business equipment insulation application, when it is laminated with metal foil, it can be used for insulation and EMI/FRI shielding. What are the representative products of flame-retardant PC board processing? Anti-ultraviolet-grade flame-retardant PC board/sheet: It is highly transparent, covered with transparent protective film on both sides, has strong anti-radiation and anti-aging ability, and prevents the material from discoloration and yellowing. It is often used to make automobile bulletproof glass, protective masks, glasses, and sunglasses , Outdoor signs, signs, etc. Flame-retardant PC blister materials, PC thermoforming materials, PC light box advertising materials: Products are mostly used in various packaging, police riot shields, police helmets, thermoforming light boxes, advertising floor materials, etc.

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