What are the reasons for the broken solid polycarbonate?

The polycarbonate made of recycled material.

Some polycarbonate manufacturer adopts recycled material to produce solid polycarbonate. As the recycled material has been melted and extruded many times the internal molecular structure of the material is damaged. Internal stress occurs in the plate, once heated or cooled, once bent or broken by an external force, cracks of different degrees will appear in the endurance plate. So the solid polycarbonate made of recycled material has a short lifespan and easy to be broken.

Touch Acid and alkali

When the solid polycarbonate is corroded by acid and alkali substances, it is easy to cause cracking, because the pc material is only resistant to slight acid and alkali, and the medium and high acid and alkali substances will directly damage the molecular structure of the plate and cause the broken plate to appear.

Wrong install guide

construction and installation problems, any material will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction, and pc boards cannot be avoided. Therefore, the construction party needs to install it in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction process, so as to prevent the endurance board from being squeezed under high temperature or cold conditions. Cracks occur under pressure.
The splicing of the endurance board and the endurance board should be different from the gaps reserved for different thicknesses of the plates, otherwise, the drum plate will have excessive tension and crack and deform during thermal expansion, and finally, the plate will be broken.

Too many screws

PC polycarbonate should not be hit with too many screws during the installation process. Generally, there are 3–5 screws per square meter. The screws should not be too tight.Try not to nail the polycarbonate sheets directly to the skeleton, otherwise, it will cause high stress due to the expansion of the board and damage the edge of the perforation.

Other questions

The solid flat polycarbonate should not be too long during the installation process, normally within 6 meters, otherwise the board will be broken and cracked during thermal expansion and contraction.

Transportation and storage must be properly padded, packaged, and laid flat. Because the surface of the pc solid sheet is damaged or scratched, it will develop into a crack, and the solid sheet and other chemicals cannot be stored in the same place, because the volatiles will cause the chemical reaction on the surface of the sheet to crack

Where to get strong solid polycarbonate sheets?

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