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What are the purposes sunshine board

by:UNQ     2020-11-02
61 although always knew sun plate has been widely applied in the market, but not on this aspect of the content is summarized, some disorders. Through a pack, on the various polycarbonate sheet use is now able to understand. Speak of from the beginning of a brief, sunshine board can as wall, roof and interior decoration materials, such as screen is suitable for exterior decoration of commercial building, modern city building curtain wall; Together, the sun plate can be used as a phone booth, advertising signs, light box advertising, display exhibition place, etc. To find, highway and city highway noise barrier is made of the sunshine board. Not only that, agricultural greenhouse and breeding greenhouses are appropriate chooses polycarbonate sheet, such as office building, department store, hotel, villa, school, hospital, sports venues, gardens, entertainment centres and public facilities of the daylighting of the ceiling and resting places gallery pavilion can sunshine board manufacturing as data. Other, sunshine plate is suitable for the instrument, appearance, high and low voltage switchgear panel and military industry etc. , as police shield is sunshine board as the original data.
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