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What are the processing methods of pc sunshine board

by:UNQ     2021-03-17
The special announcement of the pc sun board for preventing inhalable particulate matter has promoted the wider application of PC sheets in agricultural greenhouse vegetables, ecological garden restaurants and other fields. At present, among all PC sheets manufacturers, it is well known that according to statistics, since entering the market in China So far, the market has been used in China for nearly 10,000 square meters. The cutting and installation of solar panels are very important to the service life of solar panels. Proper operation procedures can greatly increase the use time of PC panels. PC solar panels can be used Sharp wallpaper cutting: Pay attention to the cutting condition, to make the plate fixed and not good, because too much vibration will promote the plate to crack. In the condition of cleaning and maintenance, pay attention to no need for strong alkali and other analytical chemical detergents Do not use lumps and sassafras to brush the surface to avoid the surface of the sheet. Generally speaking, it is the filtering effect of the sun panel, which can avoid long-term sunlight exposure, promote the aging of the sun panel, and set a block on the surface of the sun panel. Ultraviolet light mark, the second side should be placed on the outside when installing

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