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What are the precautions for pc board processing?

by:UNQ     2021-03-24

  PC board processing is no stranger to everyone. PC boards are used in many places in life, so it is not a rare product. The is widely used, so there is a corresponding processing. Today we are going to talk about processing for everyone! How much do you know about processing? I believe you don’t know it, but it’s nothing, let’s talk about it for everyone today!

  As far as the processing of any product cannot be achieved overnight, there are some points to pay attention to, otherwise it can not be called technology. What are the precautions for processing? Today, I will unveil the mystery for everyone. !

   To know the precautions for processing, you must first understand what the processing methods are? In fact, there are 3 methods for processing:

   The first one: we call it The sagging method, by looking at the name, we can see that this method is derived from the bottom of the nose, which is called the sagging method;

   The second method: flat blowing method: this method is The process of finding a centerline through storage and the nose, and then making them all on the same horizontal line through the centerline can be called the flat blowing method;

   The third method: upward quotation method: this method It is to make the processing on the top of the machine head, through a kind of traction on the top, and then the process of production is called the up-drawing method;

   Above we know the 3 methods of processing, Through these three methods, we can also know what the precautions are;

   First: pay attention to the thickness of the film during the processing of the , and it is best to be at a uniform value; If it is not uniform, then the processing will be unlucky, so the thickness should be just right, and only when it is uniform can it be in a better state in the processing;

  Second: inflation : When processing the , you need to pay attention to adjusting the wind speed. It is the same as turning on the fan. Too low is not good, too high is not good; we just take an intermediate value. What we should pay attention to in this link is to adjust the position of the cooling valve and control the air volume of the air. This requires us to have a certain amount of experience. If the experience is not enough, we should adjust it slowly, and make sure when the adjustment is suitable;

   Third: The small details that need to be paid attention to when processing , such as temperature, how is the width between gaps; how thick is the thickness during production, these are the factors that determine the success or failure of processing, so it must be more during production. Be careful;

   We know that any product needs to pay attention to some details in the processing, and so does the processing of pc boards. If we want to understand its precautions, we must first know its processing method. After knowing the method, we can better find out the points that need attention based on the method. Only when they cooperate with each other, the processing can be more convenient! /p>

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