What are the polycarbonate sheets manufacturer?

Polycarbonate sheets are the perfect solution for building construction that featured high impact resistance, high light transmission, lightweight, and durability. It is widely used for industrial skylight roofs, construction sunlight roofs, outdoor canopies roofs, building cladding, and greenhouse covers. However, when we plan to purchase the polycarbonate panels, we don’t know the information of what are the polycarbonate sheets manufacturers. So that we would like to sort out a list of reliable polycarbonate sheets suppliers for your reference.

1. The most famous and long-established polycarbonate manufacturer – Palram

Palram is the world-leading manufacturer of extruded thermoplastic sheets and panel systems established in 1963 in Israel. It established branches all over the world, like the USA, China, UK, and Mexico. It integrated the polycarbonate roof sheets, acrylic sheets, and PVC panels. These products are the best solution for construction, industry, advertising, agriculture, DIY, manufacturing, and other industries. Palram polycarbonate helps you to solve all kinds of stadium sunlight roof problems. If you are working on a government construction project and have enough budget for polycarbonate roof sheets. Contact them to get an instant quote!

2. High-quality polycarbonate manufacturer – Tuflite

Tuflite was incorporated in 2007 in India and involved in PC raw material trade as well as finished goods under the company name Shah Polymers. Tuflite branched out to solely meet the needs of the finished goods market for PC sheeting. In the few years, it has been present, Tuflite has grown to become a multinational with offices in India, Africa, and China. The main products of Tuflite are polycarbonate resin, solid polycarbonate, and corrugated polycarbonate. Their polycarbonate sheets are widely used for soundproof, architectural system roofs or building cladding. If you are inquiring about polycarbonate raw material or polycarbonate panels, please feel free to contact them!

3.Most comprehensive Plastics Manufacturer – Acme Plastic

Acme Plastics, headquartered in Woodland Park, New Jersey, is your one stop shop for all of your plastics and acrylic needs. Its warehouse stocks a wide variety of acrylics, polycarbonate, marine board, PET-G, expanded PVC foam and more. Compared with other manufacturer suppliers, Acme Plastic is comprehensive of all kinds of plastic products. Besides products, it supply the services of cutting and installing guide.

4. The leading China polycarbonate manufacturer – Unique Plastic Manufacturer Co., Ltd

Unique plastic manufacturer Co.Ltd (UNQ) is a leading and professional polycarbonate sheets manufacturer in China. The main products of UNQ include polycarbonate roof sheets and polycarbonate outdoor application products. Supporting different sizes, colors, and thicknesses at an affordable price. UNQ has the most advanced co-extruded production line to ensure the quality of polycarbonate sheets. UNQ polycarbonate sheets help customers to build the curtain wall, greenhouse cover, and warehouse industrial roof. While it has got CE approved, ISO certification and SGS approved. If you are a trader of polycarbonate sheets and polycarbonate outdoor kits, contact UNQ to get an instant quote now.

5. The professional polycarbonate manufacturer –Just polycarbonate

Just polycarbonate is from Florida USA, established in 2003. Their manufacturing plant is a reliable Ukrainian manufacturer of European quality. Just polycarbonate company has a large crew of engineers, sales, and support, being good at solving the polycarbonate installation problems. They pay more attention to polycarbonate production using Germany’s advanced co-extrusion machines. The total production capacity of 12,000 tons a week. Their main products are twin-wall polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate, and hurricane polycarbonate storm panels.

If you explore the polycarbonate sheets, you will find there are thousands of polycarbonate factories all over the world. We sort out some representative polycarbonate companies for your reference in the process of making the decision of where to buy polycarbonate roof sheets.



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