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What are the plexiglass processing and production processes

by:UNQ     2021-03-29
1. Cutting: Laser cutting is a contact-free cutting method. The laser can cut a variety of patterns, words, etc. The laser cutting technology uses a laser beam to irradiate the surface of the acrylic sheet, and then the laser releases energy to melt the acrylic . Laser cutting can be used to cut and process a variety of very complex patterns, text or logos, etc., so that we can process complex shapes that meet our processing requirements. The cut material can restore the high transparency of the acrylic material itself as long as it is polished. . 2. Punching: Acrylic can be directly punched with a drilling machine. Compared with glass, acrylic has very good mechanical processing characteristics. According to the requirements on the processing drawings, it is directly fixed on the drilling machine, and it is good to directly locate and drill. Acrylic can also be punched by CNC, so that the processed acrylic parts have very high assembly accuracy. We only need to input various parameters on the drawing on the computer, and then use the computer to control the CNC machine to position and process the holes. 3. Polishing: Acrylic itself has high transparency, which is comparable to natural crystals, so we need to polish it to restore the crystal-like high transparency of acrylic itself. Acrylic polishing can also be used with traditional cloth wheel polishing. Diamond polishing, fire polishing. The order is generally after diamond polishing; fire polishing is used to eliminate the burrs at the corners and make the acrylic products smooth; finally, the cloth wheel is used for polishing, and after waxing on the cloth wheel, it can polish up to more than 92% Transparent acrylic products come out.

4. Hot bending: Because the acrylic material will soften at 70° to 100°, the use of hot bending technology can make acrylic into various shapes and irregular accessories we need . Acrylic hot bending can be achieved in different ways. Many pieces of acrylic sheets can be placed on a set of hot bending machine and shaping die for hot bending and shaping. Most of the hot bending is only through a single line or parallel lines. Hot bending, the angle of hot bending can be set according to needs to control the angle. 5. Bonding: Bonding is a very important process, which is all processed by hand, so the experience of the staff is very important at this time, and the bonding process of acrylic products must be strictly controlled, not only must be designed according to the drawings It should not be sticky, blistered, or weakly bonded, so that products that are strictly controlled will be allowed to be shipped. 6. Assembly: The final assembly is self-evident, which is to combine the processed various acrylic processing accessories, and then complete a complete product. At this time, the final quality inspection of the entire product must be carried out, and the product can be packaged and shipped only after it is confirmed that it is correct.

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