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What are the main uses of polycarbonate sun panels

by:UNQ     2021-03-23

The common use of    polycarbonate PC sheets endurance board sun board:

  1. The vaulted roof lighting in parking lots, shopping halls, airports, swimming pools, supermarkets, central halls and other places.

  2. Military and police departments, guard rooms, jewelry stores, gas stations, banks, watch shops, gold shops, display windows, money-carrying vehicles and other special security bulletproof facilities.

  3. Plant greenhouse , Weather-resistant panels for factory buildings, flower houses, warehouses, heat-proof panels and rain sheds for garages.

  4. Advertising sign boards, signs, billboards, etc.

  5. Office Skylights in public buildings such as buildings, department stores, fitness centers, gymnasiums, restaurants and entertainment venues, hospitals.

  6. Highways, MRT systems, and soundproof walls of elevated roads.

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