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What are the main purpose of greenhouses of endurance board?

by:UNQ     2020-11-23
1813 endurance plate, application products, the most representative is the greenhouses, the original word, it is only a special equipment to grow vegetables but it is because of the use of endurance plate, to improve the performance of greenhouses, its use has been further expanded. Look at the greenhouses endurance plate can be used in what place? With the development of the use of new materials and manufacturing, shed more widely, has been used in the current greenhouse potted flower and the cultivation of cut; The fruit trees production for cultivation; Forestry production for the cultivation of forest tree seedlings, ornamental trees, etc. ; And, of course, the development of aquaculture and so on. Have such a wide range of USES, because in the greenhouses turbidity will as the outside air temperature rises, as the temperature falls outside; At the same time, there are obvious seasonal variation and large temperature difference between day and night, the more the greater the cooling temperature difference. Which is closely related to its endurance plate is made of.
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