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What are the main advantages of plexiglass processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-31
The main advantages of plexiglass products are 1 material itself has strong light transmission. Built-in light source: no external wiring, not easy to damage. The appearance is high gloss. The color is bright and the color lasts for more than ten years. Plexiglass products (acrylic) and plexiglass have good processing consistency. Extremely strong machinability and thermoforming performance. Six advantages such as stable physical properties and strong resistance to high and low temperature deformation.   1. The material itself has strong light transmittance: the organic glass product sheet used in the outdoor advertising industry has extremely good light transmittance, plus the built-in light source, the night brightness is uniform and soft. Compared with neon lights, the characters of plexiglass products emit light as a whole, unlike neon lights, which emit lines. And it is softer than neon light.   2. Built-in light source: no external wiring, not easy to damage. First of all, there is no external wiring. The plexiglass processing solves the unsightly problem of the neon wiring exposed outside. It also solves the problems of the line and the light source being exposed to the air, which are easy to short-circuit and ignite. and. Because the plexiglass products have good airtightness, the problem of not being able to turn on the lights in rain is solved. Use it as usual in rain and snow.

  3, the surface gloss is high. The color is bright, and the color lasts for more than ten years. This is incomparable to metal characters or inkjet. For example, a plexiglass product light box made by a McDonald’s in Beijing in 1982 is still like new. The special color saturation and durability and excellent external gloss are crystal clear in the sun. One of the most important reasons for choosing organic glass products. 4. The plexiglass processing words and the light box of plexiglass products have good consistency: Regarding this point, the plexiglass product words and light boxes are formed by thermoforming. Plastic or blister molding, so several sets or several products from the same set of molds are the same. In addition, as long as the color is the same color number (for example: 136 red), the colors of the two boards are very consistent, which is almost indistinguishable by the naked eye. In these two senses, the consistency of colors and specifications facilitates the corporate image promotion of businesses. It also facilitates the unification of business decoration and store decoration style.

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