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What are the installation methods of PC board?

by:UNQ     2021-03-15
When transporting the PC sheets, be careful not to damage the board surface or damage the edges. Use scissors or drilling tools to cut to the required size, then peel off about 50mm of the protective film along each side and install it, and then tear off the rest until the installation is completed. It should also be noted that all open edges should be sealed with a suitable film to prevent water, dust or other impurities from intruding.

In the following chapters, the minimum bending radius of the hollow plate is 175 times its thickness, and it can only be cold bending, not hot bending. The minimum bending radius of a solid plate is 150 times its thickness. The thickness of less than 6mm can be formed by cold bending and hot bending, and the thickness of more than 8mm requires hot bending. The PC sheets should be installed in the direction of the frame to make the water drop down. The top edge of the board should be sealed with anti-seepage and dust-proof aluminum foil tape. The bottom of the board is covered with a special perforated aluminum foil tape to allow the condensed water to flow away. Space must be reserved for the thermal expansion of the PC sheet, about 3mm is reserved for every 1000mm long sheet, and sufficient groove depth is ensured. The diameter of the hole should be greater than 1.5 times the diameter of the screw. The sealing system is divided into dry system (using EPDM or other compatible adhesive strips) and wet system (using approved neutral silicone sealant). PVC materials cannot be used for sealing.

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