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what are the factors related to the transparency of the polycarbonate sheet?

what are the factors related to the transparency of the polycarbonate sheet?


polycarbonate sheets are widely used in building skylight greenhouses. There are some differences in the characteristics of polycarbonate of different materials, such as its light transmittance. The light transmittance of the polycarbonate is an important condition for distinguishing the quality of the polycarbonate sheet. Poor quality polycarbonate generally have low light transmittance, the color of the panels will look yellow, and irregular residues will appear on the surface. The surface of the cost-effective polycarbonate sheet will look very translucent, and the surface will be smooth and clean, and of course the light transmittance will be very good. So what are the factors related to the transparency of the polycarbonate sheet?

1. Thickness
Under the same conditions, the thicker the polycarbonate sheet, the worse the light transmittance.

2. Structure
Similarly, the light source undergoes all chemical substances to create a certain mapping and reflection surface. This whole process will undoubtedly reduce the success rate of light. Therefore, the internal structure of the hollow polycarbonate sheet under the same standard is more complicated, and its light transmission The sex will be lower.

3. Hue
Sunlight is a collection of various colors, and polycarbonate of different colors have different light transmittance. Under normal circumstances, transparent polycarbonate have higher light transmittance.

4. Raw materials
The raw material is an important factor that affects the light transmittance. The polycarbonate  is a material that is melted and heated according to the  polycarbonate particles and then plastically deformed. The light transmittance of the pc raw material affects the finished sun panel. We generally use sabic's high-quality plates. 100% brand new material. Ensure the quality of raw materials.

Therefore, when buying high-transmittance polycarbonate, we must pay attention to the raw materials, thickness, internal structure and color of the panels. UNIQUE polycarbonate sheets are made of 100% sabic raw materials. Various colors can be customized.

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