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What are the factors related to the light transmittance of PC board processed products?

by:UNQ     2021-03-10
The light transmission of the transparent polycarbonate of the processed PC sheet is 77-83% depending on its thickness. The board effectively absorbs ultraviolet rays because there is a protective coating on one side (insertion of overlapping extrusions) that absorbs UVS. KPK panels can be used outdoors, and their properties remain unchanged for a long time. Provides the best protection from weather conditions and longer life according to different applications and requirements, with many different qualities. The surface hardness of PC sheets processed products is 5 times stronger than that of general polycarbonate board, which greatly improves the scratches caused by wind and sand. Through the solvent test, the processed products of Yuemei board proved that the new board can fully withstand the erosion of methyl ethyl ketone, thinner, alcohol, hydrochloric acid and xylene. This innovation solves one of the Achilles’ heels of polycarbonate materials. At the same time, the self-cleaning ability of the board has been strengthened, and the durability has also been greatly improved. It is a breakthrough research achievement in the application of polycarbonate to building materials. Developed to more excellent square format and honeycomb type, Yuemei board processing products manufacturers expanded from a single-layer U-shaped connection structure to a double-layer H-shaped connection structure, and a good dimming daylighting skyscreen system.

PC sheets processed products not only have considerable light transmittance, but also have corrosion and impact resistance. The board processed products made of PC can maintain good impact resistance for a long time in a wide temperature range. , Has the reputation of 'unbreakable glass' and 'sounding steel'.

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