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What are the essentials for polycarbonate board?

by:UNQ     2021-03-11

  1. Before polycarbonate board is processed, related companies and production and processing workshops must formulate a complete production and processing plan and construction plan to ensure that the production volume can meet the entire construction schedule and that the project quality can be safer and more reliable.

  2. If hoisting is required, equipment that meets the requirements must be selected, single-bundle hoisting must be carried out, and be handled with care, and no dragging operation of this kind of plates can occur. Pay attention to the use of related PC sheets processing equipment to ensure that the staff can grasp the correct operation method of all equipment during construction

  3. Pay attention to the stacking height and avoid excessive tilt. If it is placed outdoors, corresponding protective measures must be taken, such as covering with tarpaulin, so that the performance and quality of the board will not be impaired. In the manual handling and construction process, it is necessary to wear gloves and related protective facilities, so that the quality and performance of the board will not be greatly compromised.

  4. Regardless of whether it is PC board processing or moving, you need to pay attention to strength, be gentle and handle, do not drag on the surface of the object during transportation, which will easily damage the surface paint of the board , And can also cause problems such as deformation inside and outside the plate.

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