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What are the effects of the use of sun panels

by:UNQ     2021-03-12

   The polycarbonate sheet appears turbid during use, the light transmittance is reduced, and the sign of aging is a brighter solar panel than the original one. The color is yellow, and the hand feels very brittle; the physical cause of aging is that the physical function is reduced, the original high impact strength and tensile strength are lost, and the physical space becomes larger. I saw some low-quality solar panels, after a certain number of years of use, the transparency became very poor, and some parts began to split, and even became crispy, all of which are manifestations of aging. Delay the aging moment, that is, extend the service life.

   itself is a solar panel with anti-aging function. When the machine is extruded, the special polycarbonate used for the solar panel is the raw material. The UV protection layer is also extruded. This is the UV protection layer that is close to the surface of the sun board and will not layer and fall. It can effectively block 99.99% of the UV rays. It is the first choice for home and outdoor products. The thin areas are many times thinner than the hair, and the sun panel's ultraviolet rays are thick and thin. Use a dedicated machine that produces sunlight panels to effectively control the quality of the sunlight panels. The maintenance layer is invisible and requires special inspection equipment. Can the UV protection layer of the solar panel be visible to the naked eye? Because of the thickness of the solar panel. And the manufacturers of the polycarbonate sheet will have these equipment

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