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What are the discharge requirements for plexiglass processing?

by:UNQ     2021-04-06
The same applies to the finished products processed by plexiglass during the earlier production. It needs to be typeset according to the customer's size first (this is a budget that has been prepared according to the customer's size before the quotation, which effectively saves the cost for the customer) depends on whether the process is made by laser or ordinary engraving machine. Of course, the editor will also share with you the difference between laser production and ordinary engraving machine production in the next issue. They each have their own advantages. Hitu will make reasonable processing according to the customer's products, so that the customer is satisfied. In fact, no matter what product is processed, there will be such a particular emphasis. Let's not talk about making acrylic products, like customizing a piece of clothing. I think it's impossible for a tailor to cut a piece of cloth at will. It is estimated that according to the order of production, first tailor the customer, then see which one is suitable, and finally see the amount of material used to typeset the usage of the fabric, then cut into semi-finished products for each part of the clothes, and finally combine and process them.

In the processing of plexiglass, discharging is an important part. The technical manager will carry out reasonable discharging according to the thickness of the sheet and the net size of the acrylic sheet. For example, a 4-sided acrylic box. There can be several acrylic box side panel sizes on each sheet, and several bottom or top panel sizes can be arranged. Of course, not every time is the exact amount. So in the end, it is better to calculate, the extra board needs to be combined with which part of the board size can be arranged on an acrylic board, so that the board can be filled to the maximum.

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