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What are the different uses of solar panels of different thickness?

by:UNQ     2021-03-12
The thickness of the solar panels varies greatly depending on the specific structure, ranging from 4mm-20mm. So which different fields are the solar panels of different thicknesses used in? 1. Agricultural greenhouses Agricultural greenhouses are made of pc solar panels. For important applications, in order to use different thermal insulation environments in various places, the sun panels have derived double-layer panels, three-layer panels, four-layer panels, honeycomb panels, etc., with thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 20mm. 2. The difference between the light transmittance pursued by the carport canopy and the agricultural greenhouse is that the application of the sun panel on the carport canopy is more due to its super impact resistance, toughness (cold bending), and variety of colors Performance, light weight, environmental protection, long service life, etc. Generally, the thickness of the sun board used in the rain shelter is 6mm-12mm, and the board generally uses two layers. 3. Large-scale buildings with general lighting in buildings will set up fixed lighting belts in order to make the internal environment bright during the day. According to different functions, colored and transparent sunlight panels are used, and pure transparent sunlight panels are used more in pursuit of high light transmittance Mostly. Because of the high maintenance cost of some large buildings, most of the solar panels required for stadiums, large building roofs, etc. have complex structures, such as four-story, honeycomb, five-story, six-story, locking panels and even more complex structures. , The thickness is generally above 15mm. 4. In order to allow people to adapt to the strong light from the exit, ordinary underground garages such as garage entrances and telephone booths will use sunlight panels with a certain degree of light transmission as the wall. Generally, they are used as double-layer or four-layer, honeycomb and other panels with a thickness of 8mm-15mm. 5. Decorative effect Because of the excellent flame-retardant properties of solar panels, many indoor or outdoor decorative walls can also use solar panels. Generally, bright solar panels with decorative characteristics are used, with different thicknesses and structures. Since the introduction of the material, pc solar panels have been widely used in various fields by virtue of their unique advantages in light transmission, heat preservation, impact resistance, weather resistance, fire and flame retardancy, etc. After years of development, the sun The board has undoubtedly begun to penetrate into more industries, and more and more of us can see this board in work and life.
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