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What are the differences between the sunshine board and other materials in plate

by:UNQ     2020-10-02
190 many clients for the sunshine board and mining board it is not very clear, the difference between the following simple to tell me the differences between the two plates. commonly referred to as mining plate materials should be selected FRP, and material is PC sunshine board chooses, they all have pervious to light function. The specific difference is as follows: from the raw material on the difference between the polycarbonate sheet is made by polycarbonate ( PC) Made of polycarbonate is a kind of engineering plastics has many functions, its quality is light, flame retardant, good impact strength, high light transmittance, good stability, easy to shape, and environmental protection, is often used as lighting ceiling materials. If lighting placed by unsaturated resin ( FRP) Manufacturing and become, its strength is good, but the flammable, stability is bad, easy to divide over 50 ℃, and the resin is chemical synthesis, using styrene as solvent, poisonous. Structural difference between polycarbonate sheet is made up of polycarbonate with a layer of UV coating, hollow structure, extrusion molding a high functional lighting materials. Mining of plate glass fiber reinforced polyester, commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastic, also known as transparent, is mainly composed of membrane, unsaturated resin and glass fiber. Function on the difference between 1, daylighting features: sunshine board and mining plate in common are all have the function of daylighting, but some sunshine board lighting performance and good weather resistance and mining plate has good acid and alkali, not easy to acid and alkali corrosion, the production process is different also, sunshine board is co-extrusion, a few complex production process. 2. Heat preservation: the heat transfer coefficient of the PC is 0. 2W/m. K, the heat transfer coefficient of FRP is 0. 4w/m. K, PC heat preservation is better than FRP double, the other PC is hollow structure, so the PC sheets to much better than FRP insulation, on the other hand, the PC sunshine board more energy-saving than FRP mining plate. 3. Temperature adaptability: sunshine board normally in - 40℃- 120 ℃ is not going to happen to soften or embrittlement, in this temperature range use polycarbonate sheet, sunshine board features that will not change. Although many mining board indicating temperature is also. . . 40℃- 120 ℃, but in the process of practical application, 50 ℃ board softening deformation happens, 100 ℃ when the resin in solvent emission, - 20 ℃ resin will become fragile, easy to crack. So, in - 20℃- 50 ℃ temperature range, the performance of the FRP plate will be greatly reduced. 4. Flame retardant: sunshine board does not need to add any specifications, can achieve B1 level flame retardation plate material is flammable material, can also add fire retardant to improve its flame retardancy, but even increase flame retardant, flame retardant performance of FRP plate also cannot achieve B1 level, but also increase my cost. 5. Condensation resistant: sunshine board prevent dewing performance is very good, has changed a lot in difference in temperature or humidity conditions, the surface will not dew; The FRP plate are prone to condensation.
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