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What are the classifications of pc board processing?

by:UNQ     2021-03-27

  processing industry : printing special PC sheets: strong, highly transparent, beautiful, good printing performance, suitable for special printing, helmets, signs, nameplates, protective covers, etc.

   Special PC board for blister: Polycarbonate (PC) endurance board is used as the base material, and it is formed by high temperature blister. Professional thermal processing PC plastic sheet, product features: light weight, high strength, impact resistance, non-breaking, bulletproof, anti-ultraviolet, good lighting performance, no color change, long shelf life when used outdoors all-weather.

   bending special PC board: Processing performance: PC board can be processed by vacuum forming method and pressure forming method for various shapes of parts, and it can also be cold-formed at room temperature. According to the design drawings, cold bending can be used on the construction site to install arched, semi-circular roofs and windows. The bending radius is 100 times the thickness of the adopted plate, and it can also be hot bending.

  Special PC board for advertising light box: Uses: advertising light box, LED electronic display, lighting, etc.

   Flame retardant PC board: This series of products have good surface gloss, good heat resistance, self-extinguishing, excellent impact performance, small expansion coefficient, stable size, electrical Excellent performance and chemical resistance, good fatigue resistance, in line with the EU ROHS directive and strict UL safety regulations, UL94 fire rating reaches V0, V2, HB, and is widely used in electronic components, electrical enclosures, switch panels, Junction boxes and charger shells, automotive instrumentation and panel printing with flame-retardant requirements, etc.

   UV-resistant PC sheet, PC board: One side of the PC board is coated with an anti-ultraviolet (UV) coating, and the other side has an anti-condensation treatment, which integrates anti-ultraviolet, heat insulation and anti-drip functions. It can block ultraviolet rays from passing through, and is suitable for protecting valuable artworks and exhibits from damage by ultraviolet rays. It is characterized by high transparency, covered with transparent protective film on both sides, strong radiation protection and anti-aging ability, and prevents material from discoloration and yellowing. It is often used to make protective masks, glasses, outdoor signs, and signs.

  PC frosted board: The mechanical properties, electrical properties, flame retardancy, and UV resistance of the PC frosted board are consistent with the general-purpose PC endurance board. The main difference is the appearance and optical properties. The concave-convex shape, concave-convex density and size of the surface make the light passing through the board scatter and transmit differently, and achieve the blur effect of seemingly impervious and seemingly invisible. It is widely used in LED display screens, picture frames and other fields.

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