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What are the characteristics of polycarbonate sheet

by:UNQ     2021-03-23

Polycarbonate board is colorless and transparent, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, flame-retardant B1 grade, and has good mechanical properties at ordinary use temperatures. Polycarbonate has good impact resistance, high refractive index, and good processing performance. If the requirement for fire protection is high, a resist can be added to meet the UL94V0 level. Density: 1.20-1.22g/cm Linear expansion rate: 3.8×10cm/cmC Heat distortion temperature: 135°C. Not resistant to strong acids and alkalis. Polycarbonate is acid and oil resistant. Polycarbonate is not resistant to ultraviolet light and requires a UV anti-ultraviolet coating on the surface, which is not resistant to strong alkalis. When polycarbonate burns, it emits pyrolysis gas. The plastic scorches and foams, but it does not catch fire. It extinguishes when it is away from the fire source. It emits a rare phenol smell. The flame is yellow and glows pale black. The temperature reaches 140℃ and starts to soften. ℃ melting. Polycarbonate has poor wear resistance. Some polycarbonate devices used for wear-prone applications require special surface treatment.

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