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What are the characteristics of polycarbonate board in life

by:UNQ     2021-03-17

   Polycarbonate panels are often used in public and civil buildings, such as daylighting and rain shelters, channel ceilings, elevated road soundproof walls, shopping malls, plant greenhouses and other places.

   First introduce the characteristics of polycarbonate board:

 1. Impact resistance-the maximum impact force can reach 3kg/cm, The specific gravity is 1.34cm3, which is 200 times that of ordinary glass and 8 times stronger than acrylic sheet, with almost no risk of breaking.

  2. Transparency-excellent lighting, light transmittance as high as 75~89%, and its transparency is comparable to glass.

  3, heat resistance, cold resistance-in the test range of minus 30 ℃ to 130 ℃, will not cause deformation and other quality changes.

  4. Weather resistance——-Surface UV agent (anti-ultraviolet) can absorb ultraviolet light and convert it into visible light. Outdoors, it can be guaranteed for ten years without fading.

  5. Flammability—It does not self-ignite and has self-extinguishing properties.

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