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What are the characteristics of plexiglass processing acrylic?

by:UNQ     2021-03-27
Plexiglass: It has crystal-like transparency, with a light transmittance of more than 92%. Acrylic (acrylic) colored with dyes has a good color development effect. In addition, acrylic sheet (acrylic sheet) has excellent Weather resistance, higher surface hardness and surface gloss, and better high temperature performance. Acrylic sheets have good processing properties. They can be thermoformed (including compression molding, blow molding, and vacuum molding), or mechanical processing methods such as drilling, turning, cutting, etc. The mechanical cutting and engraving controlled by a microcomputer not only greatly improves the processing accuracy, but also can produce patterns and shapes that cannot be completed by traditional methods. In addition, the acrylic sheet can be laser cut and laser engraved to produce products with peculiar effects. Transparent acrylic sheet has a transparent light rate comparable to glass, but the density is only half that of glass. In addition, it is not as fragile as glass, and even if it is broken, it will not form sharp fragments like glass. The wear resistance of acrylic sheet is close to that of aluminum, and it is resistant to corrosion by many chemicals from time to time. Acrylic sheets have good printability and sprayability. The use of appropriate printing (such as silk screen) and spraying processes can give acrylic products (acrylic products) an ideal surface decoration effect. The specially modified acrylic sheet can absorb a large amount of ultraviolet light. In addition, smoldering acrylic can still help overcome the hidden fire hazards in specific places. The high impact resistance of punching is 6 to 10 times that of acrylic. The specially treated super wear-resistant acrylic sheet can withstand extremely harsh tests.

1. Plexiglass is made of polymethyl methacrylate. Polymethyl methacrylate contains polar pendant methyl groups and has strong moisture absorption properties. Generally, the water absorption rate must be kept dry in acrylic sheets. , The drying conditions are 78℃-80℃ for 5-6h. 2. Plexiglass is an invisible polymer, and its shrinkage range is decreasing, generally 0.45%-0.9, so it provides good conditions for the molding accuracy of acrylic production, and it is generally molded. All are very precise. 3. The adaptation range of polymethyl methacrylate to ambient temperature does not have ordinary fluidity, but non-Newtonian fluidity. Therefore, in the case of high temperature, the viscosity of plexiglass will be reduced. This is plexiglass. Very sensitive to temperature performance. 4. The temperature of plexiglass in the process of flowing is generally around 150°C, but when the plexiglass starts to decompose, the temperature is higher than 270°C, so it is still very flexible in terms of temperature changes and will not be affected. Produced under the influence of temperature, high temperature resistance is a characteristic of plexiglass. 5. Plexiglass also has good cutting performance. It can be processed by laser cutting with good size and clear conditions. It is simple and high-quality. This feature is not available in glass, so acrylic can withstand high temperature and low temperature environments. , Consumers don’t have to worry about temperature at all during the production process.

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