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What are the characteristics of PC polycarbonate board

by:UNQ     2021-03-15

   PC polycarbonate board is used to construct the water charm solitary pavilion, the house and the courtyard are small, beautiful and affectionate. The partition wall in the room can be used for refrigeration protection, and various wooden furniture such as sun roof, fence wall, steps, geological structure and so on can be used in indoor space. The greater advantages are flame retardant, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, moisture resistance, and aging resistance. The most critical applications are convenient, beautiful design, rich colors, and the price is heavier than other boards. It is used to pave the fence wall of indoor spaces such as residences, bars, theaters, etc., and it can appear in a variety of colors. Decorative materials used to be more and more similar to clothing and decorations, and closely linked with keywords such as fashion trends and waves. Only the fine varieties released by the material stores every quarter have been dizzying. The stagnation of decorative raw materials has long since got rid of the initial satisfactory and very easy interior decoration necessary links, and now it is moving towards satisfying many people's curiosity, pursuit of new, different and other essential parts convenient and stagnant. New materials have also used key features in the interior decoration of the international mansion in ancient times. The indirect application of PC sun panels to the partitions in the room is very easy and hypocritical. Together with the exquisitely polished walls, it can produce extremely distinctive and fresh installation results.

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