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What are the characteristics of hardened PC boards?

by:UNQ     2021-03-12

   Hardened PC board manufacturers have a lot of news about PC hardening in China. PC sheets hardening is a relatively big problem facing China. But it can really harden PC without affecting the original basic properties of PC endurance board—strength, bending, and transparency.

   The main reason is that the surface hardness of the PC endurance board is not enough, and the hardened PC sheets is processed. It is easy to scratch and scratch, which greatly restricts its application. Since the development of the PC endurance board surface treatment technology, the PC endurance board can reach 2H through the surface hardening. However, it should be noted that not all quality PC endurance boards can be hardened. It can be seen that the hardened PC endurance board is opposite to the board. The requirements are relatively strict.


   is capable of hardening. One of the important prerequisites is that the surface of the PC endurance board needs to be free of die lines and water ripples. It will affect the flexibility of the board. A major disadvantage of the hardened endurance board is that the board has been hardened on the outside. The endurance board will become very brittle, and the endurance board is prone to brittle cracks during processing or installation. At the same time, the plate cannot be bent, and can only be laid flat during placement. Therefore, although the hardened endurance board meets the needs of some customers, the overall application in the market is still very small

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