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What are the characteristics and advantages of PC boards

by:UNQ     2021-03-12

  What are the characteristics and advantages of PC sheets processing? PC sheets is the abbreviation of polycarbonate film, which is an amorphous, odorless, non-toxic, highly transparent colorless or yellowish thermoplastic engineering plastic. What are the characteristics and advantages of PC boards? Let's take a look at the following.

  PC film has excellent physical and mechanical functions, especially excellent impact resistance, high tensile strength, flexural strength, and high shrinkage strength; it has outstanding heat resistance and low temperature resistance, at a wide temperature It has stable mechanical function, dimensional stability, electrical function and flame retardancy in the range, and can be used for a long time at -60~120℃; it has no significant melting point and is in a molten state at 220-230℃; high rigidity, resin melt High viscosity; low water absorption, low shortening rate, low creep, high dimensional accuracy, good dimensional stability, and low air permeability of the film; it is a self-extinguishing material; it is stable to light, but not resistant to ultraviolet light, and has good weather resistance; Oil and acid resistant.

  PC film has poor abrasion resistance, poor solvent resistance, and is not resistant to strong alkalis, oxidizing acids, amines, and ketones. It is soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents.

  PC film is divided into: halogen-free flame-retardant PC, black flame-retardant PC, transparent flame-retardant PC, matte PC, transparent PC, hardened PC, scratch-resistant PC, scratch-resistant PC, printing grade pc, optical grade pc.

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