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What are the benefits of polycarbonate curtain wall replacing glass curtain wall

by:UNQ     2021-04-01

   Polycarbonate panels are a great help in reducing the energy and resources achieved by the use of energy-intensive building materials; but at the same time, polycarbonate panels can reduce the amount of steel and concrete used on the periphery of radical concrete walls. As the outer protection structure of the building, the panel curtain wall is the most active and sensitive part of the heat exchange and heat conduction of the building. The heat loss of the radical wall is 56 times. The energy consumption of the curtain wall accounts for about 40% of the total energy consumption of the construction. Therefore, the endurance panel curtain wall Energy-saving has an extremely important position.

   Considering the influence of wind pressure, dead weight, earthquake, temperature, etc. on the curtain wall system, the deformation resistance of the polycarbonate board curtain wall system must be affected by each main part of the curtain wall system. Perform scientific mechanical calculations. Carry out careful checking of embedded parts, connection system, keel system, panels and fasteners to ensure the safety of the curtain wall. The floating connection ensures the recovery ability of the curtain wall after deformation, ensures the integrity of the curtain wall, does not deform the curtain wall due to the applied force, and prevents the appearance of the curtain wall from bulging or sinking. There are many waterproof sealing methods, such as structural waterproofing, internal waterproofing, glue sealing, and different sealing methods are quoted differently. Choose a suitable sealing method to use in the project to ensure the function of the curtain wall and the exterior effect.

   Therefore, the firmness of the panels must be fixed by a firm method of fixed distance compression. The polycarbonate curtain wall plays a decisive role in the flatness of the panel layout. The different strength of each firm will cause the deformation of the surface material and affect the exterior effect. Ensure the flatness of the surface of the endurance board curtain wall.

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