What are the applications of polycarbonate sheets?

Polycarbonate sheets are popular plastic construction material. It features high impact resistance, excellent light transmission, lightweight, and durability. There are mainly three types of polycarbonate sheets, solid polycarbonate, multiwall polycarbonate, and corrugated polycarbonate roof. It has widely used for industrial glazing roofs, commercial greenhouse covers, stadium roofs, and home outdoor canopy roofs.  With the deepening of people’s understanding of polycarbonate sheets, more and more construction material distributors would like to choose the polycarbonate roof to expand their business.

The Applications of Solid Polycarbonate

-Outdoor canopies roof

A solid polycarbonate roof is strong, virtually unbreakable, as transparent as glass, 1/2 the weight of glass. Clear and bronze solid polycarbonate roofs are used for outdoor canopies roofs. It can prevent harsh weather conditions, hailstone, and heavy snow. Canopies are intended to provide shelter from the rain or sun. UV protection solid polycarbonate roof blocks 99% of harmful rays. You can enjoy the outdoor view and fun time under the canopies. A transparent and translucent polycarbonate roof is available.

-Stadium shopping mall roof

Some public places need sunlight and solid polycarbonate is the best solution for that. A clear solid polycarbonate roof is high transmission, up to 92%, allowing much sunlight into blocking UV rays. Further, clear solid polycarbonate is lightweight and easy to bend into different shapes. Lasting 15 years lifespan. Anti-yellowing and anti-brittle. Leakproof. A tinted polycarbonate roof is also available such as lake-blue, green, and bronze. UNQ polycarbonate not only supplies high-quality panels but also supports an installation guide.

The specifications of solid polycarbonate roof

The Applications of Multi-wall Polycarbonate

-Commercal greenhouse cover

The anti-fog 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate is the best solution for a commercial greenhouse. The double-wall polycarbonate roof has better insulation than a classic greenhouse keeping the heat in winter. The polycarbonate roof has a long lifespan and durable resisting heavy wind. Low maintenance and doesn’t need regular cleaning. The clear double-wall polycarbonate sheets have excellent light transmission providing enough sunlight for the growth of plants. The natural light will extend to every corner of your outdoor garden building.

– Building cladding

12-18mm translucent multiwall polycarbonate is popular for building cladding that protects buildings from leaks, dampness, and weather damage. Architecture cladding often uses the multiwall polycarbonate roof or U-locked polycarbonate system. It is durable. energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Polycarbonate sheets enhance the amount of daylight allowed into interiors spaces, which is great for psychological and physiological well-being.

The specifications of muilt-wall polycarbonate roof

The applications of corrugated polycarbonate

Corrugated polycarbonate roofs are popular for glazing roofs that match the metal profiles. It features UV protection, and harsh weather resistance, and is virtually unbreakable. 0.8mm-3mm corrugated polycarbonate is available. 10-year warranty and anti-yellow and anti-brittle. Clear corrugated polycarbonate is used for train station roofs and public facility roofs

Where do get the polycarbonate sheets?

UNQ polycarbonate manufacturer company is the leading polycarbonate roof supplier. We use 100% Lexan, Sabic raw material to ensure quality. The annual production capacity can reach 10,000 tons. If you are interested in the polycarbonate roof, please feel free to contact us!




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