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What are the applications of plexiglass processing?

by:UNQ     2021-04-02

   plexiglass has the advantages of transparency, light weight, weather resistance, impact resistance, and easy molding. Its molding methods include casting, injection molding, machining, thermoforming and so on. Especially for injection molding, mass production can be achieved by injection molding, with simple manufacturing process and low cost. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of machinery equipment and processing technology, the quality and quantity of plexiglass products have increased, and the scope of applications has also become wider. Especially with the advancement of technology, plexiglass has become a light guide material for liquid crystal displays (LCD). The application of plexiglass processing spreads across all industries and is closely related to your and my life:

  plexiglass stationery gifts

   office stationery, educational supplies, business cards/Memo Holder (clip), pen holder (seat), tape table, general gifts, artwork, designer boutique, photo frame, medal (cup), laser engraving, clock, key ring.

  plexiglass kitchenware, bathroom and houseware

  kitchenware, tableware/cup (Tableware/Cup), bathroom, bathtub, shower door, SPA, household swimming pool, tray, candy and biscuit box, Wine racks, ice buckets, egg racks, cosmetic containers, coasters, CD racks, tissue paper boxes, storage boxes, mirrors, designer boutiques.

   plexiglass processing building materials and decoration

   rolling doors, doors and windows, screens, compartments, door handles, bar counters, floors, handrails, guardrails, exhibitions, lighting hoods, rain protection ) Shed, mirror, showcase, landscape, landmark, soundproof wall, bulletproof protection, national defense, paint, adhesive.

  plexiglass advertising display

   signs, light boxes, neon lights, mirrors, architectural models, displays, display stands (cabinet), signs, hangers, signs.

  plexiglass furniture lighting

   desks and chairs, lockers, lecture tables, furniture accessories, lighting, lighting accessories.

   plexiglass processing transportation products

  aircraft windows, yacht panels, plexiglass hard-top sunroofs, windshields, cabin covers, rain windows, car lights, transportation, signs, Traffic lights, reflectors.

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