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What are the application areas of the pc board

by:UNQ     2021-04-29
What are the application areas of ? What are the application areas of processing? The scope of application of : 1. According to past experience, the general application of acrylic board or glass on the train is easy to be destroyed. In order to better change the situation of train lighting and safety, designers have just begun to look for alternative raw materials. On the one hand, they expect passengers to maintain public infrastructure, and on the other hand, they are prepared to upgrade train safety in advance. Nowadays, in order to better improve the picture quality, durability and safety factor of lighting lampshades, many manufacturers have turned the raw material selection of train lampshades into strong pc endurance boards in terms of fire safety, impact resistance, clarity, and ductility. Body. Not only has the safety factor of the train been improved, but also the environmental protection and energy saving of all the trains have been optimized. lampshades are generally placed in areas with a large passenger flow, because most of the safety in this area is the first, and PC sheets The impact resistance is made of plastic; its characteristics are beautiful, easy to load and unload, durable, not easy to be destroyed, easy to manage, and do not need frequent maintenance and replacement. Therefore, nowadays, PC boards that are more safe and resistant to severe blows are basically used as lampshades. The advertising light box made of is not only strong, but also has very good permeability and beautiful appearance. Even after an obvious collision, the endurance boards commonly used on trains are not easy to break and hit passengers. 2. The application of PC PC sheets in agriculture and animal husbandry. , as a new material for the fourth generation of vegetable greenhouses, has already improved the condition of greenhouses from most. PC polycarbonate board has the following main characteristics: light weight, its net weight is one-fifteenth of the same thickness of glass; strong, impact resistance and compressive strength is 16 times that of glass; environmental protection and energy saving, than glass-covered greenhouses Environmental protection and energy saving of more than 40%; long-term, the light transmittance of the solar panel will not easily exceed 7% after ten years of application; weather resistance, already between -41℃~120℃, not easy to deform; high light transmission, no color sunlight The light transmittance of the board can reach 88%, which is comparable to that of glass; it can be cold drawn and can be solved according to cold drawing and hot bending. At this stage, greenhouses in my country are mainly constructed with glass and two-layer membranes. Hearing opinions, this kind of raw material construction consumes high energy and is poor in resisting flood disasters. In the event of extreme weather such as hail and snow, not only the greenhouse itself will suffer serious damage, but also the food crops grown in the greenhouse cannot be effectively maintained. And the plastic film after application cannot be recycled and reused, which will result in very large white garbage.
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