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What are the advantages of the sunshine board?

by:UNQ     2020-11-12
261 polycarbonate sheet is a kind of comprehensive performance of engineering plastics, special high quality: impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, lighting, and the advantages of uv protection, flame retardant, architectural design, with yellow universal engineering, environmental engineering, the advertising industry. 1, the transmittance strong polycarbonate sheet has the light transmittance of the glass. And sunshine board in the sun will not yellow, atomization, the transmission of light. 2, anti-collision polycarbonate roofing sheets 250 - impact strength is common glass 300 times, 30 times the same thickness of acrylic glass, toughened glass 2 - 20 times. 3, light weight and flame retardant sunshine board proportion was only about half of the glass, save transportation costs, installation and support frame. Burning sunshine board does not produce poisonous gas, will not promote the fire spreading. 4, sound insulation board has obvious sound insulation effect sunshine, under the condition of same thickness, compared with the same thickness of the glass and acrylic board, has better sound insulation effect.
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