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What are the advantages of sunshine board material?

by:UNQ     2021-03-06
u003cbru003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003e Sunshine panels are generally divided into: hollow solar panels, hollow solar tiles, honeycomb solar panels, u-shaped locking solar panels, which are more than laminated glass, tempered glass, and hollow glass Lightweight, weather-resistant, super-strong, flame-retardant, and sound insulation. Because of the unique high quality of the sun panel, it has been universally recognized by the architectural design, decoration engineering, environmental engineering, and advertising industries. Therefore, the sales volume of solar panels in the international market has gradually expanded. For example, when the multi-span film plastic encounters natural disasters such as hail and heavy snow, its ability to resist natural disasters is poor. The greenhouse itself has been severely damaged, and the crops grown in the greenhouse have also been severely damaged. Great losses, and will cause white pollution afterwards. The sun board can also be used in the corridors and pavilions of gardens, entertainment venues and rest places; interior and exterior decoration of commercial buildings, curtain walls of modern buildings; aviation transparent containers, motorcycle front windshields, airplanes, trains, ships, automobiles, motorboats, submarines And glass military and police shields; telephone booths, advertising road signs, light box advertising, display and exhibition layout; instruments, meters, military industry and other walls, ceilings, screens and other high-end interior decoration materials; highway and urban elevated road noise barriers. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003e Light transmittance: The light transmittance of PC solar panels can reach up to 88%, which is as beautiful as glass. UV-coated panels will not produce yellowing, atomization and poor light transmission under sunlight. After ten years, the loss of light transmission is only 10%, the loss rate of PVC is as high as 15%-20%, and the glass fiber is 12 %-20%. Impact resistance: The impact strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 30 times that of acrylic plates of the same thickness, and 2-20 times that of tempered glass. There will be no cracks even if it is dropped two meters under a 3kg hammer. There are 'not broken glass' and 'Xianggang' is known as anti-ultraviolet: One side of the PC sheets is co-extruded with an anti-ultraviolet (UV) coating, and the other side has an anti-condensation treatment, which integrates anti-ultraviolet, heat insulation and anti-fogging functions. It can block ultraviolet rays from passing through, and is suitable for protecting valuable artworks and exhibits from ultraviolet rays. Light weight: The specific gravity is only half of that of glass, saving the cost of transportation, handling, installation and supporting frame. Flame retardancy: National standard GB8624-2006 confirmed that the PC sunlight board is flame retardant B grade. The ignition point of the PC sheets is 580℃, and it will self-extinguish after leaving the fire. It will not produce toxic gas during combustion and will not promote the spread of fire. Flexibility: According to the design drawings, cold bending can be used on the construction site to install into an arch, semi-circular roof and window. The minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the adopted plate, and hot bending is also possible. Sound insulation: PC polycarbonate sheet has obvious sound insulation effect, and has better sound insulation than glass and acrylic board of the same thickness. 》》Recommended product: transparent sun boardu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003e
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