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What are the advantages of pc polycarbonate board

by:UNQ     2021-03-16
What are the basic advantages of pc polycarbonate board

After the promotion of pc polycarbonate board, because of its strong flame retardancy during processing, there will definitely be a big gap in the quality level. After the fire, it can still maintain relatively good effects and performance. At this point, the spread of the fire can still be prevented. Only when such advantages are seen, this type of board will be selected during the decoration of many display cabinets. Its advantages are still More recognized. Its advantages will be more and more extensive in the process of national promotion.

The scientific specific gravity of pc polycarbonate board is only half that of glass, so of course it is relatively light in quality. In the transportation process, the components of transportation, loading and unloading, installation, support, etc. are greatly saved. Compared with glass materials, it still has a great cost-effective advantage. Only after seeing the light weight, it is often obvious in the industrial decoration or home decoration The characteristics of this material have reached an increasingly decorative feature, all of which is to be able to understand the craftsmanship and quality of this material in the market.

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