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What are the advantages of pc endurance board as a material for building flyovers

by:UNQ     2021-03-08
Maybe many big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen will see that if there is an overpass in your city, if you want to ensure that pedestrians will not be exposed to the wind and sun to the greatest extent, they will close the overpass. Then In this process, what material did they use the most? The answer is PC endurance board. (1) The highest safety performance. Many friends may think that it is also very good to use some metal or glass in addition to the PC endurance board. First, if metal is used, the entire flyover will be closed in the hot summer, which will form a big steamer. Pedestrians walking past here will feel the unusually stuffy heat. It was originally for the convenience of the people’s operation, but in the end it made pedestrians very uncomfortable, so people would not use metal materials, and once the glass material is broken, it may fall onto the motorway below. Danger. (2) It is truly insulated from sunlight and not easily damaged. The biggest reason people use PC endurance board is because it can create the best comfortable environment for the flyover. Even if you sleep in the hot summer, you will feel a little cool when walking inside the flyover because the PC endurance board has been isolated. Most of the sunlight, secondly, if it is damaged, it will not fall in pieces, only some cracks will appear.
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