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What affects the light transmittance of PC board

by:UNQ     2021-03-14

  1. The impact of thinness

   Whether it is a solid-core pc board or a hollow solar panel, its light transmittance will be slightly reduced with the increase in thickness. The fluctuation of the pc board is not easy to be very large, but the reduction of the fluctuation will cause very big changes. The key reason depends on the double-layer structure of the solar panel, and the center is hollow and one-sided. The sunlight will cause light transmission according to the mapping of each layer. The rate caused a very large change.

  2. The impact of raw materials

   General manufacturers are related to several levels, and the matching raw materials are imported new upgraded raw materials, domestic new upgraded raw materials, and mixed remanufacturing Raw material goods. In simple terms, the production process of the board is to first melt the raw materials, then extrude them, co-extrude the anti-aging UV coating, anti-fog mirror layer, and then the protective film processing technology.

  3. The influence of structure

  Similarly, the level of clutter in the structure will also have a very large impact on the light transmittance of the sheet. The more clutter the structure, the way the light refraction The more messy, the natural light transmittance will change greatly.

  4. The effect of color tone

   In addition to transparent colors, there are also various colorful colors. Colored pc boards will be at a certain level even if they are light-transmitting materials. Affect the light transmittance of the board.

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