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Verify the endurance plate and the differences of sunlight board

by:UNQ     2020-11-07
1990 for most people, endurance plate and the sun are two of the same sheet, but in fact is not like that, though the appearance looks the same, but the inner difference is very big still. In fact, as long as through the analysis of the difference between the block awning and awning, because the former is endurance plate material, while the latter is the polycarbonate sheet. Considering the awning need to block rain, so make material needs to have good sealing, to ensure that the rain from leaking. Endurance is very accord with the request of, besides endurance plate water imbibition is very high. But because it is a dark material, because even make the awning is of no effect. Why awning to use sunlight board to make the most appropriate? Mainly because of the sunshine board has strong reflective and ultraviolet resistance, can effectively reduce the absorbance, and thus to minimize damage, ultraviolet light and temperature have very good shading effect.
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