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Various main uses of PC sheet

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
Various main uses of PC board PC sheets is now used for many levels of main purposes, the actual form of the form: as the lens raw material for glasses: the advantage of polycarbonate lens is high impact resistance and compression strength, and good safety factor; The high mapping index value can be used for thinner spectacle lenses; the low density can alleviate the quality of spectacle lenses; it has a high shielding ability to ultraviolet rays. Because polycarbonate can be injection molded, it can increase the productivity of spectacle lenses. Polycarbonate spectacle lenses are mainly used in children's glasses (about 30% of the total output), sunglasses and safety glasses (20%) and adult glasses (50%). Adult prescription glasses are a faster market for sales. In the past 7 to 8 years, the foreign adult glasses sales market has increased at an average annual rate of 20% to 25%. Used in lighting equipment and equipment: It is mainly used in outdoor and shopping plaza lighting fixtures. This application requires that the raw materials have a destructive effect. Polycarbonate is also used in lens transilluminators, stage lights and airstrip markings. As a raw material for auto parts: polycarbonate has high-quality impact resistance, heat-resistant turbulence characteristics, good aging resistance, and high strength, so it is suitable for the production of various parts of cars and light trucks. The main uses and consumption of polycarbonate epoxy resin in the automotive industry have increased. For example, in lighting fixtures, contemporary car headlights require beautiful and generous design, with a variety of appearances, and the lamp glass must have a high bending rate. The production of headlights using traditional glass has been very difficult in the production process, and the use of poly After carbonate replaces glass, the difficulty coefficient of production and processing is greatly reduced. As a means of transportation for window glass: GE and Bayer Group, the leading manufacturers of polycarbonate, announced that the project invested 40 million US dollars to establish a joint venture to develop and design wear-resistant automotive glass. This type of glass is lightweight, shatter-resistant, and durable. , The cost is equivalent to that of ordinary glass, and it is estimated that there will be a sales market of 5-6 billion US dollars. And this kind of anti-wear automotive glass is manufactured with polycarbonate as the key raw material. Used in the production of architectural glass: polycarbonate glass is used in universities, hospitals, outpatient clinics, housing, financial institutions and government departments that must be used. Shatter-resistant glass and plastic sheets have 250 higher tear and compressive strength than ordinary glass. Several times, more than 30 times higher than the standard acrylic resin glass plastic sheet. It has high-quality shatter resistance and wear resistance, and has better heat-resistant sag characteristics than acrylic resin glass, but the price is higher than acrylic resin and ordinary glass. Used in the unique packaging industry, etc.: The most popular sales market for polycarbonate in the packaging industry is the 20-liter Aquarius. Because of its light quality, good impact resistance and good light transmittance, it will not deform and maintain full transparency when it is cleaned with boiling water and corrosive water solution. In addition to individual high market demand, polycarbonate bottles have replaced glass bottles. In addition, the demand for polycarbonate in the medical and health care product sales market is also continuously increasing, especially when it is suitable for the production of transparent medical care products. The modern method of manufacturing polycarbonate is divided into page phosgene method and alcoholysis method. So far, the equipment that accounts for 90% of the global production volume uses the page phosgene method. But phosgene is toxic, and the by-products of the phosgene process are also harmful to the natural environment. The new sample test project undertaken by the Chengdu Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to exchange dimethyl carbonate and formic acid to produce diphenyl carbonate has been assessed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences at this stage, and its technicality has reached an international level of excellence. This means that in my country The development and design of non-phosgene production and manufacturing of polycarbonate processing technology has taken a gratifying step. At this stage, the production of polycarbonate is focused on. The four largest polycarbonate manufacturers in the world are General Electric of the United States, Bayer of Germany, Dow Chemical and Teijin of Japan. Their equipment capabilities accounted for 35%, 31%, 9% and 9% of the total global production in 2000. %, the production capacity of 4 companies accounted for 84% of the total global production capacity. Except for Teijin of Japan, the production volume of companies in Asia is below 62,000 tons.
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