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Various K values of each sunshine board?

by:UNQ     2020-10-11
1826 in selection of building materials when people tend to be very focused on heat preservation material, and heard that sunshine board heat preservation performance is much better than other materials, this really the case? Sun plate heat preservation and related to what factors? Because of the sunshine board USES a hollow structure, and polycarbonate as raw materials, so it has very good heat preservation and heat insulation performance. It is because of this, the sunshine board is widely spread, especially in the flower type vegetable greenhouses, ecological agriculture sightseeing garden greenhouse these places of high insulation performance requirements. Sunshine plate heat preservation performance is very good, shows its value of K significantly lower than glass and other plastic material, the so-called K value refers to a numerical characteristics of sunshine plate heat resistance. Different material of polycarbonate sheet, K value is different, generally under the condition of constant temperature, the smaller the K value, then its heat resistance, that is, the better the performance of heat preservation. It is understood that the sunshine board of K value but also to the thickness of the plate size, such as 8 mm double lip polycarbonate sheet of type K value is 3. 3 w / ㎡ * K, the sunshine after 10 mm plate for 3 K values. 0W/㎡*K; And 8 mm three layers of field form sunshine board K value is 2. 93 w / ㎡ * K, 10 mm three-layer sunlight panel of K value is 2. 68 w / ㎡ * K, 12 mm three-layer sunlight panel K value is 2. 6 w / ㎡ * K, 14 mm three layers of field glyph sunshine board K value is 2. 42W/㎡*K; Currently it is minimum value K of 16 mm three layers of field glyph sunshine board, only 2. 27W/㎡*K。 So comprehensive greenhouse around the actual situation, south of the Yangtze river region with 8 mm double hollow sun plate has been able to meet the requirements of the local heat preservation; In north China and sunshine board can also use 8 mm, but have to be perfect in greenhouse heating facilities; Northeast and northwest regions, under the condition of sufficient budget proposal use three or four layers structure sunshine board, add heat preservation facilities
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