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UV layer endurance plate and the droplets endurance quality appraisal techniques

by:UNQ     2020-11-24
2600 there are a lot of discriminant endurance plate quality is good or bad way, today don't say other, just judging from the UV layer, to see how the results? The whole process is a trick, can share with you about this line. Experienced staff, from UV endurance plate layer can determine the benefits of the product, mainly by observing its thickness and uniformity as basis. As long as endurance plate in horizontal, then its cross section is observed, as long as there is a blue face, found there life the endurance plate co-extrusion UV layer. In addition to UV endurance and floor plate and prevent droplets endurance plate, the product of this type at the time of appraisal quality also has a special way. Just get a cup of hot water is put below the endurance plate, if under the plate surface forming droplets or water droplets, condensed water means that its performance is not ideal, the droplets are the effect not beautiful, be careful when using.
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