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Use content of diffused PC board diffuser particles

by:UNQ     2021-03-10

  Diffuse PC sheets is a new type of optical material that realizes uniform surface lighting. PC diffuser board is a product processed by a special process on the basis of ordinary PC single-layer board. The effect of PC diffuser is closely related to the content and composition of the diffuser particles. The less the content of diffuser particles, the higher the light transmittance and the lower the haze. The diffuser is generally light white and translucent. The more the content of diffuser particles, the lower the light transmittance and the higher the haze. The diffuser is generally milky white and opaque. The entire surface of the board forms a uniform light-emitting surface without forming a dark area. The light transmittance of this product It is more than 80%% ordinary PC milk white board is only 20%; through the diffusion effect of the diffuser. No residual image will be formed on the screen, making the screen more realistic and achieving a crystal clear visual effect.

   A part of the diffused PC board reflects light from the interface when the light is emitted from one medium to the smooth interface of another medium. Another local light passes through the interface and refracts in another medium. The angle of incidence of light is equal to the angle of reflection, and the reflected light and incident light are on both sides of the normal in the same plane. This is the law of reflection. The refracted light conforms to the law of refraction: the refracted light lies in the plane of the incident light and the normal, the refracted light and the incident light are on both sides of the normal, and the ratio of the incident angle to the sine of the refraction angle is a constant. Both the law of refraction and the law of reflection are the foundation of geometric optics, not only in theoretical research, but also laying a foundation for the development of optical technology, especially the development of diffusers and the design of optical products.

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