UNQ’s New Factory Groundbreaking Ceremony Successfully Held

On March 24, a grand groundbreaking ceremony was held at UNQ‘s new factory site.

UNQ Company, renowned for its high-quality polycarbonate sheets, held the groundbreaking ceremony for its new smart factory. This event not only represents a significant leap forward for the company but also showcases UNQ’s development strength in the global market. Remarkably, the ceremony received high-level attention from government officials, with several prominent leaders present to support and endorse UNQ’s new phase of growth.

The new smart factory spans an area of 25,000 square meters, employing the most advanced production technologies and management systems. UNQ Company aims to achieve an annual production target of 35,000 tons of high-quality PC sheets through this facility, catering to the global demand for high-performance building materials. The construction of this smart factory will not only significantly enhance production efficiency and product quality but also drive the polycarbonate sheet industry towards a greener and smarter direction.

Government leaders spoke at the ceremony, highlighting UNQ’s important contribution to local economic development and the government’s firm stance on supporting the growth of high-tech enterprises. The presence and speeches of these leaders reflected the government’s high recognition and support for UNQ Company and its new factory project, indicating a deep collaboration between the company and the government in advancing regional economic development and industrial upgrading.

The President of UNQ Company, during the groundbreaking ceremony, stated, “We are honored to have strong support from the government. The new smart factory is not only a significant milestone in UNQ’s development journey but also represents our firm confidence in the future and our continuous pursuit of innovation. We believe that with the encouragement and support from the government, along with our spirit of innovation and excellence, UNQ will continue to maintain a leadership position in the global building materials market and provide our customers with even more high-quality products.”

The groundbreaking of the smart factory not only displays UNQ Company’s robust development strength and ambitious vision for the future but also marks a further expansion of its influence in the global building materials industry. With the construction and future operation of the new factory, UNQ Company will better meet the global demand for high-quality polycarbonate sheets while making greater contributions to sustainable development.



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