UNQ Polycarbonate Hot Items and Specifications

Item 1. Polycarbonate hollow sheet

This sheet is high mechanical strength with a relatively low weight; the light transmission of the transparent sheet is up to 89%; low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation, easy to install, bendable and has UV coating on one side or both sides to reduce the damage from ultraviolet, hollow polycarbonate sheet can withstand temperature drops from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C, this is why it can be used in various climatic regions.

For hollow panels, we have the following structures, double layer, three layers, four layers, honeycomb. Different structures have different uses. Among them, the double-layer is mainly used in the greenhouse, and the most common color is the transparent color. The double-layer transparent sheet has the highest light transmittance and is also the most widely used. The three-layer and four-layer structures are mainly used in relatively cold areas, and the thermal insulation effect is better. Because of its special structure, the honeycomb structure can withstand bigger impact and is mostly used for engineering roofs, but the light transmittance is low. Therefore, when customers choose, they should choose according to their own situation or the situation of the local market. If you are not sure, we will provide detailed consulting services.

Do you know the regular size of hollow polycarbonate sheets? Currently the most popular sizes on the market are 2.1m*5.8m, 2.1m*6m, 2.1m*11.8m, 1.22m*2.44m. The most used container size is the 40-feet high container. In addition to the above regular sizes, customized sizes are also possible, and we can cut them into various sizes to meet the needs of different projects.

Finally, let’s talk about the color. In addition to the transparent color, the most popular colors in the market are lake blue, brown, milky white, and smoke gray. Custom colors are no problem for us. Colored boards are mostly used for decoration projects, such as indoor decoration, five poisonous and harmless, and environmentally friendly building materials. There are also outdoor carports.

Item 2. Polycarbonate solid sheet.

Different from the hollow sheet, the flat sheet is solid and has the same appearance as glass, but it is essentially different from glass. As we know, Polycarbonate solid sheet is a thermoplastic polymer and is a sturdy, hard and transparent material. The most important property of polycarbonate is its enormous impact resistance. Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass, and this is why polycarbonate is often used as safety glazing. Light transmittance of the transparent sheet is 90%, which creates excellent visibility. Good heat resistance, chemical resistance. Self-extinguishing sheets and hardly flammable material that does not support combustion. High wear resistance, long service life.

When dropped, it does not shatter into fragments like glass. Used for various types of processing. Our Bronze polycarbonate protects well from the penetration of sunlight into the room. Areas best used are covering of buildings and structures of civil and industrial construction, and noise screens on highways and railways.

Compared with glass, what other advantages does solid sheet have?

1. Easy to machine, we can cut them into various shapes to achieve various designs. And solid sheet can be cold bent to make a curve without cutting them. A flexible and durable material you need.

2. Colorful choice. Endurance boards can be made into various colors for various project needs.

3. Light weight. A polycarbonate sheet weighs 2 times less than a glass sheet of the same size, which is easy for construction.

4. Polycarbonate is fire-resistant

Unlike acrylic sheet, polycarbonate is resistant to fire and has a fire rating of B1, which means that the material will not burn with an open flame. Polycarbonate is self-extinguishing.



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